We've Got an Announcement to Make!

Posted by Megan on 12/13/2017 to Jayne Ann News
We've Got an Announcement to Make!
Just a quick little story about us. My name is Megan, and I'm a wife and work-from-home mom of six. I started Jayne Ann with my 2 girls (yes, that means the rest are boys!) in February of 2015. My baby #5 was just barely a year old. After battling the worst postpartum depression I've ever had, I needed a hobby or something to do to pull me out of that darkness.

You know the saying "You can't pour from an empty cup"? Well, my cup was totally empty and I needed something to fill it up. At the same time, my husband and I decided our kids needed something to teach them how to work, and I needed something to keep me from slipping back into postpartum depression, so Jayne Ann was born!

I don't know about you, but it's a glorious day when I can actually shower and get ready for the day. I always feel so much better about myself and get way more done when I'm dressed! Our little business started with jewelry and other accessories, which always make a girl feel good! But, we've decided to make it more. We want to give you the whole look from head to toe. We want to help you feel good about yourself, too! So we're adding APPAREL!

As part of this change, we're adding a whole new take on Jayne Ann – Fashion for the Soul. Because you can't pour from an empty cup, we want to help you feel good about how you look and fill up your cup! Cause you know, when you LOOK good, you FEEL good and you DO good!

We're starting with the basics but we have so many fun things on the way to help you look and feel your best!

See our first additions to our Apparel here and stay tuned for more to come!

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